Tax Exemption Procedures ※No fees required.

Odakyu Department Store will follow the procedure of cash refund to non-residents (including visitors from abroad and Japanese on temporary returns) who carry the purchasing items out of Japan. For more information please follow the instrustion.

★Please be sure to complete procedures on the day of purchase at the Tax Refund Counter during business hours.(until the closing time of lower floor)

Conditions for Tax Exemption

◎If you purchased between 5,500 yen and 550,000 yen (including tax) worth of consumable items (food products, beverages, medicine, cosmetics, etc.) only, or consumable and general items combined.
※“General items” summed with consumable items are treated as consumable items.
※General and consumable items that have been used/consumed in Japan prior to tax-exemption procedures cannot be added together.

※This is limited to items taken out of Japan within 30 days after purchase.
※Consumables must be packaged officially at the Tax Refund Counter and must not be opened in Japan.
※In case of taking agricultural products out of Japan, please confirm the qualification of the country which the owners carry in.

◎When the total amount of purchase of non-consumables (clothes, bags, shoes, jewelries, watches, tableware, etc.) 5,500yen (including tax) or more at our store on the same day,tax will be exempted.
※This is limited to all items carrying out of Japan in less than 6 months.

Required documents at the Tax Refund Counter

  1. Items purchased
  2. The purchaser's passport(People with Japanese citizenship need an immigration stamp〈seal affixed to a document〉 and people with foreign citizenship need a entry permission mark〈seal affixed to a document〉.
    ※In case of returning(entering)by using an automated gate and an immigration stamp not being confirmed by us, tax will not be exempted.
    ※The reentry stamp can not be allowed to exempt tax.
  3. Receipts(valid only on the day of purchase)
  4. A credit card only when used/the name of the credit card and passport must be identical.

Please Note

●Some foods, drink bills, shipping costs, processing fees and designated stores(AUTHORITY, STORY STORY, Restaurants, Café, etc.), etc., are excluded from tax-exemption.
●Applications for tax exemption can only be made by the customer, and not by a representative.
●Purchases for the business purpose are not tax-exempt.
●Payments made with OP points and other points of a shopping card are not tax-exempt.
●Foreign diplomats residing in Japan with tax exemption cards can also be applied for tax exemption services.
●Receipts can not be reissued.(Please be careful not to lose them.)

※Eligible applicants will be non-residents in Japan.
※At the time of departure from Japan, please present the "Record of Purchase of Consumption Tax-exempt for Export" which will be attached to the Customs.

Floor Guide

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